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Did you know that according to Investopia.com, the Coca Cola Company spends about 4 billion dollars per year on advertising (2015-2019)?


That means, at our highest budget of $18 million for a total of 5 years, CR8TIVE would be using 0.0009% of a single year's budget for the corporate giant. It would benefit an investor monthly for life--not just for a few moments in one single year. 



Just like with an ecosystem, care and time is needed before reaping any benefits. This proposal will not initially make billions of dollars for the interested investor. Profits will accrue through our prototype, but it will take several years before this begins. 


The main value will first be in creating positive branding for CR8TIVE and its investor, collecting interest in franchisee options, annual memberships, strong rental property growth, gaining profits off of our "discovered" talent, and entertaining possible reality TV opportunities that benefit the investor's brand.