CR8TIVE is asking for 12 million dollars. This would cover the cost of:

  • 5 properties,

  • 2+ acres of land, 

  • major renovations,

  • plus, the first 3 years of staff salaries to make our prototype operational. 

Render 4-1.jpg

Phase One

The second we have ownership of our new location we will do the following (and more!):

  • JAP Marketing will begin creating copy. They will focus on getting CR8TIVE optimized with a faithful following well before the doors open.​

  • Interviews will be conducted with local art schools. We will give them experience for their portfolios and save on various developing costs.

  • Video Recording: all aspects will be recorded, and video clips will be used to excite our growing audience.

  • CRA of Lake Worth will be contacted. They will assist us with our goals to incorporate art into Lake Worth.

  • Architect walk-through: our dedicated realtor will walk with us during the planning phase. Together, we can make the best use of the Art Building 's rental space and vision.

  • While permitting approval is in progress, we will interview ARTISTS for our design plans.

  • Once approved, our realtor will conduct interviews with potential renters while our artists create or perform to local audiences in our parking lot. 

  • Vendors and artists will be invited to take advantage of the crowds.

  • Entrance to our functions will be used to lower costs. We will ask for various items in leu of a cover fee.

Please download details below

Thank You for Considering CR8TIVE!
Christina Pritchard