Where can you eat local food, receive a variety of beverages and snacks, privately shop with an automatic 10% discount, and learn new artisitc skills for just $55 per adult? 


Due to COVID19, we are taking extra steps to ensure your safety. We have cancelled our regular classes. We are now accepting private group evening classes for 10$ off each ticket, a minimum of four adults. With 4 adults, we offer up to 3 children under 12, FREE! 


Prior to your arrival, we will clean and sanitize everything, and then wait overnight before allowing another class inside. Private groups only and we will be wearing masks and gloves. (If you have children, please call/text 561-292-5582 or contact me directly here.)

What To Expect:

*After purchase, we email you to schedule your class. 

*Prior to arrival, our store and classroom will be sanitized and promptly after. (We mean EVERYTHING!)

*We will allow four to nine persons: your friends and family only. This will ensure that you know where they have been and are safe. 

*We will offer gloves to anyone who requests them. WE WEAR GLOVES!

*Your host and your art instructor will wear a mask and gloves. If you need a mask we will have some available for purchase.

*We will have our beverages and snacks as always, but for now, no fine china or plates. Instead, we will use disposable for your added protection.

*We will cater in local food! Upon request, we offer vegan-friendly options!

*You and your guests can shop privately in our store and we will wrap and package any items you purchase as gifts. Most items are 10% off during your class!

*Pre-ordered groups of four or more can request which type of themed class they'd like to take, on an evening that is convenient for them. Our famous Sculpt, Paint and Garden Party (3 classes in 1!) * Hawaiian Themed Painting Tea Party * Star Wars Still Life * Jewelry Making Class * Liquid Pouring * Fantasy Kings and Queens * Jazzy Real Life Drawing (includes model) * Mini Glasses Paint Party & more!

SALE! Order today and save $40 on four people or $80 on eight people!  Plus, 100% off up to 3 children. That's a savings of $40 to $125! (Children are less and depending on their age, free! Please contact us directly if you have children. Click here.)

In our classes you get two hours of fun with instruction, a host, local food catered, and a safe place to shop, all while listening to music! 


Please be sure to look for our email after purchase. We will use this method to coordinate your desired evening, type of class, food, instructor, etc.

Private Group Class with Local Food For Four Adults

$260.00 Regular Price
$220.00Sale Price
Class Type
Additional Guests
  • We offer refunds if cancelled within 24 hours, for emergencies or unforseen occurances. 

  • For detailed information on our privacy policy, please click here. We use a credit card payment system, as do most businesses. To see their privacy policy, please click here.

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